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By Michaelene M. Mundy

Itís Okay to Cry

When someone you care about dies, itís very sad. There will be tears, but tears can be good. Sad isnít bad.

You might even notice yourself crying at things that didnít use to bother you-a shoe that wonít tie, a toy that breaks, homework that seems too hard. Talk to someone you trust about these feelings.

Go Ahead and Ask for Help

When youíre alone at night, you may think more about what upsets you. Ask someone to snuggle in and read or talk to you. Having someone close helps.

You can talk to God when you feel sad, too. God never wants you to feel alone.

People Ė and God Ė are here to help.

You Might Feel All Mixed Up

Losing someone close to you can bring all kinds of different feelings. You might feel sad, mad, happy, scared, or lonely. Talk about how you are feeling right now with someone who cares about you.

Some Things Will Change

Sometimes you might feel like you want to die so that you can be in heaven, too. But the person who cared so much about you wants you to be a kid and do the things kids do-to grow up and live a long and happy life. Your special person will be with you in spirit, and love you as you grow.

Kids Can Help Others- Even Grown-Ups

Sometimes you may be afraid youíll make someone sadder if you ask questions or talk about the person who died. Grown-ups need to talk about the hurt, too. Itís good, even if all you do is hug and cry together.

Itís Not Your Fault

You may think you caused your loved one to get sick and die. If you feel this way, tell a grown-up. That person can help you see it wasnít your fault. If youíre sad about a time you think you hurt your loved one, talk about this, too. It will help.

Itís Good to Remember

It will be hard not to share special things with that person you loved- like hitting a home run or being in a school play. Your loved one will still know about those times and share in your pride and happiness.

Youíll Be Taken Care Of

Remember that being sick usually does not mean someone will die. Most sicknesses or injuries heal on their own, with rest and sometimes medicine.

Give It Time

Someday-maybe soon-you will feel better. It wonít hurt so much. You will never forget the one who has died, who will always have a special place in your heart. But when you think of him or her, you will think of the good things.

Where Is Your Loved One Now?

Some people think about death as a birth Ė the new birth of the spirit. Itís like a caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly! Your loved one is free and happy and beautiful now.


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